Our Story

Splendid Valley Truffles is a family owned and operated truffle farm located in the pristine region of Denmark, Western Australia. Proud growers of the revered French Black or Périgord Truffle (Tuber Melanosporum Vitt.). With our 3 boys and 2 dogs joining in the excitement and love of truffles, we have turned our passion for truffles into a small business and spreading the unforgettable aroma of truffles into one kitchen at a time.

We planted the first of our 2,500 oak tree truffière in 2010 and were thrilled to be the first truffles growers in the Denmark region. The conditions in Denmark are well suited to truffle growing with crisp clean air, pure water and ideal soils. These conditions combine to produce a world class product, which has been exported to restaurants across the globe including New York, London and China.

Being a proud part of the Denmark community, we presented one of our first truffles (175g) to renowned Chef, Silas Marsh at Pepper and Salt restaurant in Denmark in 2015. Silas used the truffle in a degustation menu to celebrate this milestone for the region.

The black truffle has for centuries been referred to as black diamonds by chefs and lovers of fine food. Truffles are rich in pheromones, which are said to arouse sexual desire and love. Truffles remain as a renowned source of cultural inspiration. For example, there is the France-based Confrérie de la Truffe Noire, Brotherhood of the Truffle and the Richerenches Mass, a service which honours Saint Anthony, the patron saint of truffle farmers.

For some the truffle represents the “essence of love” and for others it reflects the “celebration of success”. For us, our truffles reflect the many years of nurturing and caring for the trees and the Melanosporum fungus, which lives in a symbiotic relationship with the oaks.

We are pleased to share with you our truffles and hope you will join us on an exciting experience of a truffle hunt with our two Lagotto Romagnolo truffle hunting dogs, Millie and Peri or a gastronomical encounter you will never forget. We expect our first ripe truffles for the season to be ready each year in the last week of May.

Meet Millie and Peri

Truffles from our farm are harvested in the crisp clean air of a winter’s morning with the help of our three energetic boys and two highly trained Lagatto Romagnolo dogs - Millie and Peri. Their sensitive noses locate the fragrant aroma of the black truffle. Our dogs are always excited to hunt truffle on our 200 acre farm and pinpoint the exact location of ripe truffles. Their keen sense of smell, not to mention adorable playfulness, makes them highly valued members of our farm truffle hunts. Their enthusiasm and skill results in a most memorable experience of truffle hunting.